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RBridge - An advanced remote Ethernet Bridge for Linux


March 9, 2015: The RBridge functionality is about to be extended and integrated as a module of BalanceNG V4.


RBridge is a secure remote Ethernet bridge solution for Linux. It connects two trusted Ethernet segments remotely over UDP using either IPv4 or IPv6 transport.

RBridge uses SHA-2 (precisely SHA-256) for authentication, AES for encryption and timestamps for protection against replay attacks.

Using a registry mechanism and UDP protocol, RBridge is capable to connect directly to the peer from within NAT or firewall protected areas by using a special hole punching technique (thus requiring no configuration at the connecting routers). For this functionality, RBridge itself is capable to act as a registry service for any associated pair of RBridges.

Network data is compressed with zlib (only if the compressed packet is smaller than the original).

Additionally, RBridge offers a controlling command line interface (CLI) accessible using telnet.

RBridge is "Made in Germany". Unrestricted by political requirements, we guarantee the user a security solution that is free from any loopholes.

WARNING: RBridge is a very powerful tool. RBridge should be setup and installed by experienced network administrators only.

The following figure shows two networks separated by routers and the big Internet in between as usual:

RBridge allows in that situation to connect the two Ethernet segments as if they were one single Layer 2 network:

Both RBridges are learning automatically the Ethernet addresses on the other side and start forwarding packets if necessary.

Quick Start

Please goto the RBridge Quick Start Instructions to get started !

... need help ?    Just contact us at for free initial setup support !

Public RBridge Registry Services

The following public RBridge registry services may be freely used (no warranty of availablility):

Name Port IP SHA2 Secret AES Key 439 IPv4 Public-RBridge-Registry Public-RBridge-Registry

Please send us an email if you would like to have your registry included in that list.


RBridge-V3-Manual.pdf ( 480K )
RBridge V3 Installation and Administration Manual

Trial Restrictions

RBridge in trial mode (without any licensing) will terminate after one hour of operation (and may be restarted).

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