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RBridge - Quick Start Instructions

Quick Start Instructions

Step 1: Installing and Configuring NTP

First of all, make sure that NTP is running and you have a synchronized time on both of your RBrdige servers. This is needed since the RBridge protocol verifies incoming packets according to their timestamp to protect against replay attacks. The "timestamptolerance" variable controls the accepted difference.

Here's an example how to setup NTP on Ubuntu: Time Synchronisation with NTP (please consult the documentation for other Linux flavours).

Step 2: Installing RBridge

Install RBridge on both sides either using the .deb Package (for Debian and Ubuntu systems) or the .tar-Archive for all other Linuxes. The binary "rbridge" goes to /sbin/rbridge. Copy the file rbridge.conf.example to /etc/rbridge.conf (it's located in /opt/RBridge if you have installed from the .deb package).

Step 3: Configuring RBridge

Change the following variables on both sides (make sure to use unique and complicated and "very hard to guess" values):

sha2secretKey used for SHA2 authentication
aessecretKey used for AES encryption (the SHA2 hash of this is the actual AES key)
registry_linknameThis name is used to register your RBridge connection at the registry

Optionally, you may configure the "serial" and "lickey" variable with the data that you have purchased. If you leave out this step, RBridge will run for one hour (and needs to be restarted afterwards).

Step 4: Starting RBridge

Starting RBridge on both sides will register your pair at our registry ( without revealing any key information and the link comes up (even if you are located behind a DSL router).

RBridge is started with this command line as root:

# rbridge start

You may check the syslog messages or you may telnet locally to the RBridge service to verify (root permissions are not required for this):

$ telnet localhost 10439
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
This is RBridge 3.157 (created 2011/01/14)
RBridge> help
  the following commands are available:
    copyright    show Copyright information
    hash         show forwarding table and MAC filters
    help (or ?)  show this help information
    license      show licensing information
    log          show current log
    nodeid       show nodeid
    quit (or q)  quit CLI
    registry     show current registry entries
    uptime       show uptime
    startuplog   show startup log
    status       show general status
    stop         stop immediately
RBridge> status

... need help ?    Just contact us at for free initial setup support !

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