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Inlab-Scheme Release 4 Features

  • Inlab-Scheme is an independent implementation of the algorithmic language Scheme and conforms to the R4RS and the IEEE Standard 1178. 
  • Inlab-Scheme 4 passes the r4rstest.scm test incuding the tests for continuations, Scheme 4 and delay/force.
  • Pretty printing, fluid-let, dynamic-wind and syntax procedures using Inlab-Scheme syntax-lambda
  • Bitmaps: Reading and writing TIFF (G4, single/multipage), XBM and PNG file formats, scaling, rotating, comparing, inverting, cropping, page decomposition (exploding), line drawing, greymap conversions and more. 
  • Greymaps: 256 greylevel images, reading and writing PNG file formats (reads anything, writes PNG greylevel interlaced/not interlaced), scaling, cropping, conversions to and from bitmaps for further analysis and processing and more. 
  • Inlab-Scheme Release 4 comes with two built in graphic file format converters which convert the PATIMG patent file format (as found on the USAPat CDROM series of the US PTO) and the ST.33 patent file format (as found on the US PTO PATENTIMAGES CDROM series and the european ESPACE CDROM series) to multipage tiff without decompressing. 
  • Inlab-Scheme Release 4 comes as a single binary to reduce installation to an absolute minimum. 
  • It's easy to write Inlab-Scheme scripts that may be invoked directly from your shell using the '#!'-mechanism. 

Inlab-Scheme may be used for:

  • Learning Scheme
  • doing homework for your CS class
  • customized OCR and visual recognition applications
  • document processing and analysis tools
  • file format conversion and document processing applications for patent documents on CDROM

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